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From: Moore
Subject: MEETING DR. DERRICK TYLER (interracial)This fictitious work does not depict sexual encounters with partners using
condoms. As always, please be safe and take precautions. Meanwhile, enjoy
the story.Meeting Dr. Derrick Tyler, Part 1I work for a large consulting firm and was chosen by my office to attend a
two day conference. My flight out of Seattle on Thursday morning was
delayed and upon my final arrival in Miami, I had to head tiffany model little
right to the
conference center before checking in at my hotel. I quickly checked my
bag, got registered and walked into the large conference room to find a
seat. The first speaker introduced teen model lupa
was Dr. Derrick Tyler, the Chief
Financial Officer from our San Diego office. As he approached the dais, my
loins stirred at the sight of this 6'4", black hunk. I had only met him
once before and remember how I lusted after him then. Dr. Tyler spoke for
almost 90 minutes and I found myself lusting after him all over again.
When he completed his presentation another hour ensued for questions and
answers. We then broke for lunch.It was a buffet style lunch and I got my tray of food and started looking
for a seat. I picked a table at the far end of the room that no one was
sitting at yet. My jaw almost dropped as that hot stud, Dr. Tyler, came
walking toward my table."Are btm tina teenmodel
you reserving any of these seats?" he asked with a dreamy smile."Uh, no," I muttered and as a quick afterthought, I added, "I'm tgp model pretty by myself
at this conference.""Well, let me join you," Dr. Tyler responded as he pulled youngvideomodels galleries up the amber little model chair next
to me.The other four seats at our table were quickly filled. There were two
younger ladies, who were both obviously taken by the handsome Dr. Tyler,
and an elderly couple. We all got around to introducing ourselves while we
ate. Dr. Tyler did kind of monopolize the conversation with some funny
stories of various office antics at our home office in San Diego. I
discovered that everyone but me was staying at the hotel attached to this
conference center. As I didn't make the reservations I had no way of
explaining this. The meal ended and we all returned to the conference pretenn model free
for the afternoon session. The two presenters were all right, but
definitely not as good as Dr. Tyler had been earlier. My gaze kept
travelling down the presenter's table to lock onto Dr. Tyler. I just
couldn't keep my eyes off of him. teenie young models My loins again began to stir as I
fantasized about being with this fine, black stud. When the afternoon
session priteen kid models
finally ended, I headed to the cloakroom to retrieve my belongings.
Receiving a page, I reported to the check in counter and was handed a note.
My heart began to race as I read the note. Dr. Tyler had invited me to
share his two-bed suite. If I wanted to I should meet him in the bar.I quickly found Dr. Tyler and in no time we were chatting away. I told him
that I really appreciated his teens art models
gracious offer and would take him up on it.
He told me he was going to remain in Miami until tomorrow afternoon and I
was free to share his room for the night. We had several drinks over the
next hour or so until Dr. Tyler suggested we head to his room to freshen up
for dinner. He waited as I retrieved my bag and we were soon in the
elevator underweight models nude en route to his room. It was a nice suite consisting of a living
room with fireplace, a small kitchen area, and a large bedroom with two
queen sized beds. As I settled into the bedroom and began to put away a
few things Dr. Tyler said he was going to shower before dinner.I continued unpacking while Dr. Tyler began to undress. As he disrobed, my
cock began to stir. He hung up his coat and tie then slipped out of his
trousers. As laika model nude he turned to hang them up, I could tell he had to work out.
His legs and thighs were tight and muscular and the long tail of his dress
shirt was pushed 11yr nude model
out by his firm, rounded ass. When he took off nude modeling site his shirt,
my jaw dropped. Dr. Tyler was not wearing any underwear. His entire body
bulged with that muscular tone of russian schoolgirl model a body builder. My eyes clung to the
sight of that hot, black stud, his guyver model kits muscles rippling with every move he
made. His broad shoulders topped off a tapering torso which led to a
slender waist right above those delicious looking black mounds. Without
turning around, I heard Dr Tyler ask:"Like what you see?" Dr. Tyler asked with a lingerie models gallerys devilish smile. My mouth just
gaped open as he turned around to face me revealing a massive chest,
washboard abs, and a thick, long juicy looking cock that had to be ten
inches long. He continued, "I noticed you have eyeing me in that mirror on
the wall. So, do you like what you see?" he again asked as he walked right
up to me in the lounge chair."Uh, yeah," I stammered. "You have one hell of a hot body, Dr. Tyler, and
I'd love to get a taste of that luscious cock."Now standing inches in front of me he pointed that delicious cock at my
face. "Well, go ahead, have a taste," he replied.I wrapped my hands around that huge, black mari child model
cock and slowly jerked it.
Seconds later, I leaned forward and slowly began to run my tongue over the
entire length of his astra model 600 wonderful cock. It was silky smooth and slowly began
to grow as my tongue continued bathing it. I then opened wide and took the
huge bulbous head of that monster cock between hotporn model my lips. Dr. Tyler moaned
in pleasure as my mouth began to suck him in deeper."Oh, yeah, man. Suck that cock. Ah, that feels so good," he moaned as I
grabbed a handful of his balls and worked more of his delicious cock into
my mouth.I felt I would surely gag if I tried to take in his full length, but I sure
as hell was going to try. With ever deepening gulps, I slowly began to
suck him in further. His cock was now getting quite hard and swelled up as
wide as my mouth could stretch and seemed to grow another couple of inches
in length. Unbelievably I soon found my nose buried tightly up against his
pubic hair, reveling in his manly aroma. That huge cock was finally buried
down my throat. I struggled to keep sucking it down until I had to come up
for air,. Dr. Tyler was moaning in pleasure as I slowly disgorged that
huge cock and quickly began to bob on and down on it. My lips wrapped
tightly around torrents lia model his luscious shaft as I took him in fast and deep. Saliva
began to leak out of the corners of amanda leigh model
my mouth as I continued this furious
pace for several minutes."Oh, yeah, work that baby, man. Ooooh, yeah that feels so good. Suck my
big cock, buddy, suck it good!" Dr. Tyler groaned as my mouth, lips, and
tongue worked feverishly over the entire length of his thick, throbbing
cock. "Yeah, I wanna shoot my load down your throat, man. I want you to
swallow all of my cum."Dr. Tyler had now grabbed onto sex models classified
my shoulder with one hand and placed his
other hand firmly atop my head. I reached around and grabbed onto his
tight ass cheeks while he began to slowly force-feed me that huge cock.
His hips began to buck wildly and he was soon plowing that huge cock down
my throat with deep, furious thrusts. We were both groaning and grunting
in pleasure now as that wonderful cock plowed into my mouth and down my
throat.It seemed like fifteen more minutes that Dr. Tyler continued this frantic
face fuck. His gay pedo model
blood engorged cock was ravaging my mouth and throat while I
held firmly onto his taut, rippling ass. "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum, buddy.
I'm gonna shoot my young model natalie load," Dr. Tyler suddenly groaned. "Get ready for my
load, man." With that final gasp he pulled away
slightly leaving the top four or so inches of that glorious cock between my
lips. I felt the first gush of his cum shoot against the back of my throat
and I soon began to swallow it down, several larger loads of nud child models cum spewed
forth in quick succession. My mouth and throat were quickly filled with
his warm, creamy, load. I pretten model list
struggled to gulp it all down, but I just
couldn't gulp it down fast enough. Drools of his delicious load seeped out
of the sides of my mouth and ran down my cheeks and chin."Damn, you give some great head, buddy," Dr. crane model scalegates cad models Tyler said as a final blast of
cum filled my hungry mouth. I gulped child porn models down the thick, creamy liquid and
pulled slowly away. I licked my lips and took the tip of that huge cock
between my lips again and gently sucked on it again to milk out every last
drop of his delicious cum."And you have the best tasting cum I've ever had, Doctor," I answered as I
finally pulled away from his wonderful cock. While my hands began to
slowly run over his fine body, I added suggestively, "I'm sure glad you
offered me the use of your room tonight." I then suggested that we just
stay in tonight and order room service later instead of going out to
dinner."That sounds good to me," he quickly replied. amateur teen model "By the way, call me
Derrick," he continued and I told him to call me Dave.In no time we were naked between the sheets in a 69 position. Derrick was
now munching on my 8 inch cock mikaela teen model as I began to gobble down his delicious
black rod again. sexmodel
Our yung pussy model hands tiny teenage models
roamed freely over each other as Derrick's
talented mouth got me erect in no time. We stayed in that position for
what seemed like a half an hour before I felt my load building up in my
balls. We tiny models girl were both moaning and groaning top adult models in pleasure. Derrick pulled away
from my cock and slobbered some saliva on his finger. As he sucked my cock
back into his moist mouth, he moved his hand around onto my ass. His
finger was bikinis models sexing soon probing for my ass hole. As it reached its mark, Derrick
slowly began to worm his finger deep into my ass. model nude thong
I was in heaven with a
mouthful of luscious black cock, a warm, wet mouth sucking on my own cock,
and a talented finger probing the depths of my anal cavity."Ahhh, I'm gonna cum, Derrick," I sighed as I pulled my mouth from his
throbbing cock. "I'm gonna shoot my load, buddy."In seconds my balls were unleashing a heavy load of cum down Derrick's
throat. He clamped down hard on my stiff cock and sucked in deep, greedily
slurping down every last drop. I sighed in ls porn model
total pleasure as his talented
mouth squeezed out every last drop of cum. I lay there in ecstasy as my
swollen cock began to soften still buried in Derrick's warm, wet mouth.
With his finger still buried up my ass, Derrick looked over at me."Man I got to get me some of this acemodeling topless
tight, ass of yours, buddy. I don't know
quite why, but I really get turned on when my big, black cock gets to plow
a fine, white ass. And this ass really feels hot, tight, and ready,"
Derrick said as he knelt up on the bed and reached for some lube on the
nightstand."Oh, yeah, man. Take my ass, Derrick, fuck it good. I've wanted your hot
cock up my ass from the first time I ever met you," I quickly replied as I
spread my legs before him. "Yeah, my ass really need a good fucking," I
added."Well, then, open wide, Dave. Give me that ass."With my legs spread wide apart, Derrick shoved a finger inside and plied my
asshole with a generous portion of the lubricant. He slowly inserted
another finger and began to massage my anal cavity in deep probing motions.
My mind was reeling at the feel of those fingers digging past my sphincter
and priming my ass for Derrick's humongous pole. He finally pulled free
and heaved my outstretched legs over his broad shoulders."Oh, yeah this is tiny princess models models school bikini
gonna be one hot fuck," Derrick said as he quickly guided
his engorged cock toward my waiting hole. I soon felt the huge bulbous
head pressed against my anxious hole. "Don't worry," Derrick philippine nude models said sensing
some of my apprehension over his large size, "I'll take it easy on you at
first Dave, but you're gonna love it when the real fucking starts."In one painful, mind blasting thrust, cherry model nn
Derrick pushed in that huge head young models online
buried about an inch or so of his thick, hot cock inside my lsmodels sexy photo stretched
asshole. I winced slightly and ground my teeth together until the pain
slowly subsided. Sensing my pain easing, Derrick slowly pushed in another
inch or so. My aching ass began to burn, as he filled me young model guestbook completely with
just a third of his bikini model gigi
entire length."Relax now, buddy. Relax. Let those muscles loose, man," Derrick
encouraged as he looked directly into my eyes. passwort fr sandramodel His soft voice, kind face
and sincere eyes helped me to relax. The pain did begin to ease and I felt
a tingly sensation move up my spine. "Yeah, that's it, Dave. Relax,
buddy, and feel how hot my cock is inside your tight inna model sex
ass."He was right. His cock did feel good inside my ass. I wanted more. I
needed more. "Oh, yeah, Derrick, fill me, man. Fill me with your cock." I
begged.I was soon squirming below him as Derrick began to worm his monster cock
deeper and deeper into my ass. We were both moaning in pleasure now as
Derrick continued slowly entering me. His thick cock was fully stretching
my asshole as it dug in to my bowels. I soon felt his pubic hairs grinding
against my upturned ass and heard Derrick release a low, guttural moan."I'm in there now, Dave. I'm up there deep, man," Derrick said as his cock
was now buried balls deep. My mind was spinning in pleasure as I felt his
huge cock wormed up tight inside my ass. I couldn't get over this
sensation of being so completely full of cock. I've never had such a big
cock up my ass before. "Oh yeah, you got one hot, tight ass, man. u15 model teen
gonna bury one hell of a load up this baby."""Oh, yeah! Fuck me, Derrick. Fuck me good!" I grunted as my mind raced to
keep up with the sensations his huge cock was causing. Without even
sensing it until now, I realized my cock was rock hard again. I continued
to squirm below him as Derrick slowly began to withdraw his cock. I felt
empty and hollow as my ass loosed it's grip on his monster cock. Just
before the head of that wonderful cock pulled free, Derrick slowly sunk his
full girth back up inside my aching asshole. For what seemed like a full
hour, Derrick continued this slow, steady assault on my ass. I began to
jerk wildly on my own cock and was soon unleashing a flood of come that
shot up to my chest and splashed up onto Derrick's stomach."Oh yeah, I got to get me all of this ass, Dave. My cock wants every inch
of this beauty, man. I'm gonna fuck this ass good, baby, I'm gonna tear it
up!" Derrick was soon grunting as he propped himself up on his hands
beside me and continued to slowly worm that luscious cock in and out of my
ass. He then ground up against me hard. Once again moving his hips in
that circular motion to force his cock deep into my bowels. We were both
moaning in pleasure as Derrick stretched out his legs on the bed preparing
to fully and forcefully fuck me.Our eyes met and as we both smiled longingly I encouraged my hot, black
stud. "Oh yeah, fuck me, Derrick. My ass is yours. This feels so good.
Fuck it, man, fuck it!"Sweat began to build on his brow as he slowly began to models youngi pick up his pace.
In no time, Derrick was pounding into import models me with wild abandon. We were both
soon grunting and groaning as I tried to push upward to meet each childmodel sandra forum and every
powerful plunge of that huge, shaft sexy exotic models of black iron that was now pummeling my
ass. model pussy arting The mattress literally seemed to be bouncing as sexy male modell Derrick's assault on
my ass reached a fevered pitch. His body continually slammed up hard
against me, driving that luscious cock fully into my bowels. teen model porno
It was like
he had become a wild animal; plowing in and out of my anxious ass at a
furious pace. I held onto his bulging biceps tightly to steady myself
against this wild fuck. Derrick's chest was heaving and dripping with
sweat now. The sensations running though my entire ethnic teen model
body were unbelievable.
Derrick was right, he teen model yr
was gonna tear up my ass and I was loving it!Finally, after about another half hour or so of this furious fucking,
Derrick was reaching his climax. "" he grunted. "I'm
gonna cum, baby. I'm gonna bury a load deep up this fine ass, Dave. Take
my cock, man.!!" he whelped deeply.His hips slammed up hard against me and plunged that beautiful cock fully
up my ass. As his cock began to twitch and spew its heavy load into my
bowels, I grabbed hard onto his taut ass cheeks and pulled him even harder
against me. It was amazing! I could feel his monstrous cock jerking deep
inside of me with every blast of cum that erupted from his powerful cock.
As the last tremor of that hard shaft subsided, Derrick collapsed on top of
me as we both cradled each other tightly. pic model boy models poland
Our mouths met in a hungry,
sensuous kiss. Our tongues probed deeply for several minutes. Derrick
pulled his lips away and whispered in my ear in a low, soft voice."Dave, that was wonderful. You've got pedo models naked one hell of a hot ass, man.""You were hot, too." I whispered back and we amateur model erotic
fell into a blissful sleep
with Derrick's spent cock still buried up my ass.I don't know pre model topless how long we lay there sleeping, but I awoke to Derrick softly
nibbling on my earlobes and neck. I then preeteen young models realized his cock was still
buried up my ass. Amazingly, I could feel that baby was slowly beginning
to harden again within gallery naked supermodel the tight confines of my ass. I sighed in pleasure
as Derrick whispered softly. "Are you kiddy girl models ready for another fuck, Dave? I need
this ass, man. It's so hot and tight. My cock just loves the feel of this
pretty, white ass, man .My cock needs to fuck this hot ass again,
Dave. Mmm, yeah. chubby young models
child virgins models Can't you feel what your tight, little hole does for my
cock? Man, just feel it growing inside of you. My big, black' cock just
can't get enough of your tight, sweet white ass, buddy."I couldn't believe what I was hearing and feeling. A huge black cock was
once again expanding within my love bamby model canal. A hot, muscle bound stud lying
on top of me, our hot flesh melting together and causing a stirring in my
loins. I softly sighed, wrapped latin preeteen models my arms around his nacked young models neck, and whispered,
"Well that's good because I don't think my ass can ever get enough of your
beautiful cock. Yeah, Derrick. Fuck my ass, baby. Fuck me again."With that, Derrick started to vladmodel free download slowly grind his body into mine. Our mouths
met in another tongue probing embrace as our hands massaged each other
lovingly. thongmodels com This was indeed one talented and very fulfilling stud lying on
top of me. His massive legs still between my legs. Derrick continued
grinding his hips while I felt his big, black cock slowly reach its
monstrous proportions again. Keeping my ass totally packed with his
throbbing cock, Derrick propped himself up, shifted his weight and pulled
my left leg over his body. I was soon positioned on my left side with
Derrick snuggled in tightly behind me."Ahh, that's nice," I moaned as Derrick continued to grind up hard against
my ass. One of his strong arms gorgeous asian models
wrapped underneath me and sexy hispanic model
Derrick pulled
back against my lower stomach. He then pulled me up tightly against his
muscular frame. memphis belle models
This caused our bodies to meld together smoothly, as models 12yo
if we
were euro model upskirt a single unit. His free hand began to fondle my cock. With an ever
so slow motion, Derrick began to once again work his thick cock in and xx model
of my ass."Oh, yeah, doesn't this feel good, Dave? My cock just loves being buried
up your little white ass, man," Derrick said as his talented cock kept up
that slow, steady motion."Mmmm, yeah, delta model sa350k Derrick. That does feel good," I agreed as his hand slowly
got my cock to reach another erection.Each time his cock withdrew, I once again had the sensation of loss or
emptiness. But, when he began to worm that age 15 model
baby russian naked models back inside, filling me
completely, I began to push my ass back against him until his pubic hairs
were pressed up tightly against my ass cheeks. We would hold that position
tightly for a few minutes while Derrick continued grinding his hips up hard
against my backside. This was causing us both to sigh and moan in bliss.
After several minutes of this slow, delicious fucking, Derrick pulled his
hand away from my rigid cock, reached under my thigh and, as he applied a
lifting motion, he lifted my leg up over us both. I began to jerk my own
cock as Derrick's strong arm pinned young model boy my thigh upward against my stomach.
His hand reached all the way up to begin kneading and tweaking my nipples.
We both continued to moan in pleasure and I knew I would soon be shooting
another load. Derrick kept up his slow, full penetration of my ass while
my balls began to build up another load.I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the pillow, luxuriating in the
feel of Derrick's huge cock slowly fucking my straining ass. I slowly
turned my head to toplist model child face Derrick behind me and moaned. As I did, Derrick
leaned forward and his tongue pushed past my opened lips. His tongue was
soon probing my mouth modelling models and throat as his cock explored the depths of my
ass. I was truly in bliss. I reached back with my free hand and massaged
Derrick's thick thigh and ass cheeks. We were both soon moaning in extreme
pleasure. Within another few minutes, I groaned in pleasure as my cock
shot forth another load of cum onto the sheets.As I released my load, Derrick again shifted his weight. This time he
pulled me up along with him as he got into a kneeling position and started
to fuck me doggie style. I braced myself as he kneaded my ass and rubbed
my backside all the while keeping former playgirl models
up his steady fucking motion."Yeah, Dave. You've got one, hot, tight ass. Damn! This ass is just made
for fucking. My cock can never get enough of such a sweet fucking ass."
Derrick was saying as his huge cock began to move at a slightly quicker
pace. "Give me that ass, man. Come on, Dave. Get ready. I'm gonna fuck
this baby good again!"With his model girls small hands now roughly grabbing onto my hips, Derrick began to increase
his tempo. In no time his full weight was pounding up against me, driving
his massive cock fully up my ass with each powerful thrust. I could feel
his heavy ball sac slapping against my upper thighs with each mind-blowing
plunge. I propped up my hands on the fixed headboard to brace myself."Yeah, that's it Dave. Hold on. Hold on tight. child model sparkle
I'm gonna fuck this fine
ass hard and deep again, baby. pretten model toplist Hold on tight. I'm gonna ride this
baby. Yeeeaaahhhh...." Derrick finally yelped as his hips continued their
pounding motion against my backside.I tried to meet each and every thrust, but Derrick was soon pounding away
at such a wild, furious pace that it was all I could do just to hold
tightly onto the headboard to keep my head from banging up against the
wall. My mind was again sent prteen asian models
reeling at the wonderful sensations this hot
black stud was causing. I've never had such a huge cock plowing into me
and I've never had any cock doing it at such a rapid fire pace. I just
couldn't believe Derrick's stamina. My cock had gotten hard again while
Derrick continued his monumental assault on my aching asshole.It seemed an eternity passed with Derrick continuing to plow my ass with
his massive pleasure shaft. russian cute models
But, he finally reached a frenzied release
point. As he did, he leaned back on his haunches, sabrina model teen pulling my ass back with
him. Then, amazingly, Derrick grabbed onto my thighs and pulled me back
firmly against his hot, heaving body. I was literally lifted off of the
bed as he held me tightly to his body. With his huge cock fully impaling my
aching ass. I leaned back against him and reached my arm up around us to
grab the back of his neck. My head nestled against his neck child galaxy models
and I felt the
sweat dripping from his body onto my chest. With several loud grunts, I
again felt that familiar twitching and jerking of Derrick's cock as hefty
loads of his warm cum were buried deep inside my bowels.With the final spasm of that massive cock, Derrick released his hold on my
thighs and we both collapsed female latino model in a heap bissell powersteamer model onto the bed. When his breathing
returned to jazmin teen model
a more normal pace Derrick sighed, "Man, you do have one hot,
tight ass, Dave. My cock just can't get enough busty model
of an ass like yours."
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