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From: Jan None
Subject: Loving Aunt (lesbian/incest, oral anal, g/F)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual preteens lolita petite model acts between a
teenager and an lollipop lolita gallery bbs aunt. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or
sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them
on your own site, please contact the author for
permission.Copyright 2010 Jan, All rights reservedPlease mail to if you have
any suggestions for future stories.
Loving Aunt
Jan I never knew who my parents were. poor little nude lolita I was
adopted at a young age. They were the best parents
you could ever hope for. They raised me and their
two adopted boys in Costa Mesa, Orange loli rape hentai free County, in
southern California. That is a small 10 yo loli bbs community just
inland from Newport Beach. Our father was a tall guy with brown hair. He
was going brazil lolitas free pics bald, but he was funny. Mom always said
she loved him because he could always makes her
smile. Our mother had a younger sister named Chris.
Both my mom and lilacs and lolita lyrics aunt are blondes. Mom was just
my mother, and a little chubby. Chris was flat out
sexy and she knew it. She lived inland on a lolita model picture gallery
10 acre
parcel of land, by herself. Everyone in the family
knew she was a free young girls loli
lesbian but never gave it a second
thought about her lolitas bbs very young being with the three of us. lolitas fuck sex preteen My
brothers had the hots for her, but knew she had no
interest in them at all. Chris was cool, she would
allow my brothers and me to have beers and wine
coolers when we were visiting her, and she never teen lolitas nonnude models told
on site lolita13info lolita russian
loli at als scan
us. One time my brother Paul went to a party
and got really drunk. He called Chris she
picked him up and took him to her home. She
called our folks and told them she had asked
him to help her clean up the young teen lolitas bbs
property, and the
job wouldn't be finished until later tomorrow.
That way he would have plenty of time to sober
up before going home. Our dad often was sent on locations 12yr lolita nude pics as
part of his job. When I was 14-years old he
was sent on location for a young nude loli pics
month. We had a
family meeting, and it was decided that Mom
would go with him and then extend it into a
vacation. The boys were going to be working all
summer at a Boy Scout Summer Camp in the
mountains. They decided that I could spend
the time with prelolitas 12 y o
Aunt Chris. I prelolita pics top lists
assume that my
folks figured that I would be safe spending the
time with my aunt. I don't think it ever
entered their mind that my beloved aunt would
seduce a family member.When I was 14 there was nothing sexy about
me. family nude pic lolit I barely had any tits at all. I was skinny,
and shapeless. My hair was just a plain brown,
and my eyes were brown too. I had freckles
across my nose and on my shoulders. nude loli art shameless
I hated
the way free asian lolita video I looked in those days.When I stayed with her I was curious about
everything about her. I snooped through her
drawers. What I nude lolita model index found was wild. I found
books and videos that dealt exclusively with
the lesbian theme. I never found yo pre teeen lolita her sex toys,
but she did have several. Having found lolitats bbs gone wild
stash made me curious about sex with her. Chris had a swimming pool, and we spent a lot
of time around the pool working on our tans. She
allowed me to have wine coolers. Normally I only had
a couple, but this teenie lolitas up skirt
time I had a free lolita model site
lot more. After being
in the sun most of the afternoon it was getting time
to shower, and dress for dinner. While I was in the
shower, Chris called for a pizza to be delivered.
When I got out of the shower, she was ready for
hers. By the nonnude legal lolita girls time she was kiddy top pthc lolita finished and dressed in
lounging pajamas the pizza magic lolita kingdom model delivery was lolli nymphs bbs thumb
there. I was
allowed another glass free teen lolita bbs
of wine while we ate. When we
finished she told me she had something to talk to me
about. She retreated into her room and when she
returned she had in her hands lolitas gallery free pics
the magazines and
books I had found. Obviously she had been able to
tell that I had found them, but she wasn't mixed lolitas hard cp mad
about it. She said, "If there is anything you want to
ask me, just ask, no more snooping through top 100 lolitas teen
personal stuff! So, what do think about the stuff
you have seen? How did it make you feel?" I don't remember what I said, or if I said
anything at all. I do remember that my face felt
hot. I know I was blushing like a fool. I'm sure I
shrugged my shoulders, because that was my typical
response for bidden lolitas pictures when in an uncomfortable position. She placed the stuff on the preteen lolita illegal porn table and started
flipping through the pages. My head was little lolita pic galleries
down, so
she reached over and lifted my chin up to look me in
the eye. She sad, "Don't be ashamed or afraid. If
you have any questions or comments then you should
ask me. I don't want you learning about this magic lolita shy gallery
kind of
stuff on the street!" I said, "Chris I did like what I saw, and yes it
did sort 'a turn me on." She said, "If you like I will put a lolita swimwear model galleries
video little russian lolita stories on the
TV, and if it would topless lolita nude pictures make you uncomfortable I will
leave the lolita boy top list room!" I squeezed thumbnails pics nude lolita her hand, and responded, "Please
stay with me!" OMFG...I was about to watch a porn video with
my aunt. She let out a warm laugh, and said, nude preteen lolita pthc
"I will
pick a soft one." She headed little nude lolita photos back to the other room, and
returned with two pillows lolita and nymph stories
and a video in hand. She
tossed the pillows on the floor. She put the video in
the machine, and poured two more glasses of wine. I
laid down on the floor on my tummy with the pillows
under me to watch the lolitas teens abuelas viejas
video. Chris sat on the
couch. I still remember the title, "Where the Boys
Aren't." So there I was watching a video of lesbians in
action, while sipping wine. Soon Chris was sitting
next petite little tiny lolita
to me. She said, "Are you uncomfortable? You
seem to be moving around a lot like something is
bothering you. Do you analyse publicite lolita lempicka
have a tummy ache?" I said, "Yeah right!" She said, "If you're okay, is this what you
wanted to see?" She started rubbing my shoulders
and back. She eventually lay down next to me. Her
hand slid under my pajama top rubbing the bare
flesh of preteen pink lolita sex my back. She was making me horny as hell. She was saying things under her breath that
were not directed at me. She was saying, "It's okay
to feel this way. It's not bad or wrong if it feels
this good!" I remember her saying, "If you are
uncomfortable we can stop and we will never bring it
up again." That's underage lolita asian model when I turned to face her and smiled at
her. I told her, "I like what I'm watching, and what
you're doing feels gothic lolita with semen nice." Chris smiled at me and said, "It's lolitas toys de 13year going to be a
wonderful summer for us!" She kissed me on the
mouth loli preteen no nude after saying that. She didn't use tongue, at
least not at that point. It wasn't like an aunt kisses
a niece either. We were missing the action on the
video, and it was getting exciting with the women
sucking pussy, while talking dirty to each other. The
video ended with the woman being sucked off,
jerking wildly and screaming nudism child lolita cute that she was coming.
Chris got up to take the video out of the machine. Her pajama bottoms were all twisted. I
remember that vividly. After putting the video lolitas nude preteen kds back
in the case, she said, "Maybe we should sleep on
what had been said and done! In the morning we can
decide where we are going with this." The only problem was that I was still horny and
felt a little buzz from the wine. Chris set about
turning out the lights, while I lola preteen nude model
was still on the vietnamese lola naked bbs floor.
She said, "Come on Cher...bed time!" I was buzzed and had to be helped up. She
said, "If you want to talk we can continue this in my
room." I followed her to her room a little unsoundly. I
sat on the edge of her bed and asked, "When was
the first time you did it, and how did it feel to have
someone suck on you like that? Chris pulled back the sheets and said, "You talk
too much! It's late. I do want to answer all of your
questions and show you everything you little lolita girls nude
desire to
learn. You are a very sexy young lady, but not
tonight. I don't want to do it forbidden little girls lolitas while you are drunk!" She helped me lay on the pillows. I was asleep
almost as soon as she cuddled up with me, and
covered us up. When I woke up she was gone. I
could hear her in the kitchen. When she returned
she had coffee and sweet rolls for the two of us.
We kissed without saying anything. While we were
eating and little nude nymphets lolitas enjoying the coffee, she broke the ice by
saying, "What did you think about kinder lolita rape pussy
last night?" I took hold of her head, and when I kissed her
I stuck my tongue into her mouth. xxx preteen lolita bbs
She said, "My
little Cher answered that question!" cute little lolita pussy We got up and had breakfast. After the
dishes were done we took off out pajamas and were
back beside the pool in our bikinis. As we lay there
we kissed each other. She would tell me how hot and
sexy I was, and stuff like that. It embarrassed me,
because I didn't think I was pretty at all. Once we
were in the pool she took my top off. She admired
my little breasts. She didn't say a word, just made
sounds like mmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. When I asked for another wine cooler, she
said, "I would rather you didn't. I would rather that
the only thing you have is me!" I thought that was nice. She could have done
anything to me at that point. At lunch we went in and were soon kissing.
That's when top 100 lolitas sites she took my hand and led me back to
her room. She was oh so gentle, and sweet to me.
She never stopped whispering nice things as we
slowly took our bathing suits off. It wasn't long
before she was touching me in places only I had
touched. It was more exciting the way 13 bbs loli lsm she c p lolita galleries touched
me. She told me, "Just enjoy the moment, because
a girl only had one first time!" She was touching me
everywhere all at once it seemed like. Her little innocent lolita girls kisses
were crazily hot. When she took my toplist tgp lolita teen nipples into her
mouth for the first time, I thought I'd die. But
when she started kissing her way down my body I
knew what she was going to do. I had been lolita top model sites fingering
my pussy before, while thinking about other girls. I
knew I was getting wet, but I had never been as wet
as I was at that moment. Chris started doing little
kisses, and moaning the closer she got to my pussy.
She even made a comment about how wet nymphet nude lolita preteen I was down
there, and asked me if I always got that wet. No...but I couldn't say a word. All I could say
was those animal sounds she had been making. She slowly brought me to the peak where I was
about to cum, and then backed off. She would bring
me to the edge, time and time again. Each time I
got closer until whamooooooooooooooooooo. My aunt
gave me my first lesbian cum. She little lolitas preteen nude let me calm down and relax a little after
my climax. lolita models half naked I assumed lolita model links hairless that she was finished with me,
and now it was my turn to do lolita ls land sites it to her. When I
started to touch her she said, "NOPE, your body is
in my hands and mouth for now. I'm just getting you
started on a wonderful trip!" We spent the rest of the afternoon in her bed.
She made me cum so many times that I felt like my
arms and legs weighed a ton. It was all I could do to
move. pre bbs lolita elweb It was only hunger that made her stop long
enough for nymphet loli nude pics something to eat. She told me to shower
and get free teen lolitas gallery dressed, because she was taking me out to
dinner. By the time we got home it was later than we
thought. I headed to my room to change into my
pajamas in preparation of getting into my bed. Chris
came into my room and said, "Don't even think about
it. We are sleeping in the same bed from now on,
and your bed is only a single. There was no love making that night. I was so
tired I was asleep in lolita nude girl pics seconds. The next morning was
the same as the first. I woke up to the sounds of
her in the kitchen. She lia model preteen lolicon
brought in the coffee and
rolls. All she had on was a thin see through robe.
Just seeing her nipples through the robe was enough
to get my pussy wet. This time there was no
stopping me. I had to make love to my lovely aunt. preteen lolita picture galleries
I sucked on naked lolita art pics her gorgeous breasts until they
were so sore she grimaced at my touch. Then I had
to taste her pussy. She did have a nicely trimmed
pubic bush. I just loved getting all of her smelly
juices all over my face. I think I even licked her
asshole that morning. No 3kinghost lolita sex pic part of her body was off
limits to me after that morning. By the time tiny nude lolita pics my
parents came home I was an experienced woman
lover. Oh...I put up a front while in high school I had
a couple of boyfriends. Sex with them was not all
that bad, but I missed the sex with my aunt. I could
only get off with my boyfriends thinking about sex
with Chris. I lolita nude models ru had one girlfriend I had gone to school with
from pre-school. We had always been able to talk nudes loli free gallery to
each other about anything, until my aunt brought me
out. I didn't know if I could trust her about my sex
life. www nude lolita com
On lolita litle girl jpgs one of those nights that she was spending
the night at my house, ebony lolita defloration videos we were sleeping together in
my bed. She preteen lolita bikini modle
had always told me that she liked my
brother Paul. It had never occurred to me that she
might also have a thing for me non nude litlle lolitas too. This night I
woke up having a wet dream. When I was fully
awake I discovered that my girlfriend was finger
fucking me. When she saw my eyes were open she almost
panicked. She was begging me to forgive her. She
said she could help it. She tried to pull her finger
out teen lolita sites best of my pussy, but I grabbed her wrist, and pulled
her nude lolita beach photos hand preteen lolly model pic back against my pubic bone. bbs preteens lolitas models I leaned over
and kissed her. We spent half of the night making
love. lolita pre teens nudes
She confessed that a cousin had taught her a
few years ago. I told her all about Aunt Chris. We
sucked each other off several times that night. By morning I knew that I nn bbs loli art enjoyed sex with girls
more than boys. Before I was ready for japanese schoolgirl loli nude college I
knew that men would just be friends for me. There
was a brief time I shared an apartment with another
coed. But it didn't work out. Our sexual tastes just
didn't work. She liked it too rough. As a 22-year-
old college student I am still living with my folks. I
don't have the nerve to tell them that I am a lesbian.
I am also falta ereccion lolitas bcn
finding that I am attracted to young girls
just ripening for the picking.I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a
story you would like told, please send your mail to
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