Nate's Christmas Presents


On Christmas day at 9:00am in the morning I recieved a $250 Ipod Nano and a pair of size 12 Birdman Lugz. I messed around with my Ipod for till about 12:00pm which was when i had to leave me house and go to my grandma's house and recieve some more of my presents =). First we ate lunch and we then started opening the presents. I got a video game for my gamecube, a best buy gift card for $50 and $120 in spending money. From my other Grandparents house i got $150 in spending money so i was pretty happy. The rest of my Christmas break i hung out with my friends and worked out for football. Also went to the commons and saw three movies. I saw Pursuit to Happiness, Eragon, and Apacalypto. The rest of the time i was pretty much relaxing at home, so that was my Christmas break and what i also got for my christmas presents.